Davie Drew



Davie is a London-based society, celebrity and social photographer. His commercial practice is focused on portraiture and headshots, food and product, architecture and interiors. He provides services in a studio and on location and is highly skilled in both production and post production (Photoshop). He has photographed Lord George Porchester and Asaf Goldfrid among others and was shortlisted for the Vassie Award 

In his art practice Davie uses both analogue and digital cameras to create sympathetic, nostalgic and sentimental images. Traversing the city as a flaneur Davie falls in love with his subject matter and sensitively uses his camera to convey this passion to the viewer.

He has studied in the United Kingdom and Europe. He completed his BA at Nottingham Trent and had the privilege of studying under the likes of Beth Lazroe and Viktor Kolar at FAMU in Prague. During this time he took a number of Magister Of Art  modules (the Czech equivalent of an MA) at the world renowned "Fakulta Akademie Muzickych Umeni" 

Limited edition signed prints are available here.

With a background in commercial photography Davie is available for commissions in both digital and traditional photography. He offers classes in traditional and digital image-making.

You can contact Davie at www.daviedrew@gmail.com or 07597122275




Below are just a few of Davies works which have been displayed publicly:

2017 (February 1st) Evening Standard photograph of Lord Porchester.

2015 (June 30th)  Metro Newspaper (Front Page)

1213-2015 A number of popup galleries

2012 Delicate Image

2010 Freerange London

2010 RAW Exhibition Nottingham